How to use lightroom presets to edit a picture

As a serious photographer, having your own cohesive style of photos is essential. In reality, this mostly means that you’ll have to create your vibe during the editing-process. Once you’ve found your vibe (Bright, Retro, Dark & Moody, etc.) you’ll always have to start your editing process with the same steps. 

This is where Lightroom presets come in to make your life easy! Rather than re-applying every step to recreate the same vibe, this one-click photo editing tool helps you dramatically speed up your workflow while keeping the same professional look.

Lightroom mobile

While mastering Adobe Lightroom on desktop still takes time and practice, their mobile app is a lot quicker and easier for editing photos right way. 

We created a mobile + desktop preset pack to help you get faster and better edits rather than spending hours on a single image. We already spent hours producing the preset, so you don’t have to!

That being said, no photo is the same as another, so you’ll still have to shift some sliders to achieve the best result.

5 Tips

Below are some helpful steps for editing your photo in Lightroom, using one of our presets. Consider these quick tips while going through your photos and scroll down to see how we are using them ourselves.

  1. The first step would be to apply the preset on your picture.

  2. Adjust the lights. Before you start cropping your picture, or changing the colors, start with your exposure, contrast, and white balance. These changes will make the biggest difference to your photo.

  3. By adjusting the color settings (White balance, Temperature, Hue, Saturation, etc.) you’ll be able to put the final touches on your photo; Make pictures bright and warm, or dark and moody.

    As you can see from Mike’s own editing process: he goes back and forth with the adjustments in lights & colors, since every combination and variable changes the effects.

  4. Crop! Finishing touch: Set your photo’s angle straight and crop the picture as how you’d like it!

That’s it!

Need help?

Haven’t got any presets yet? Here is your chance! We created a Lightroom Preset PACK, containing 3 Lightroom presets for car photography

Photo by Stinna Lokota